Solve cybersecurity-based challenges at this year's hackathon!

UPDATE (9/25):

The description of the challenge problems that SASEhack will comprise of this year has been updated, as well as the schedule (note that the event is still overnight, but will end much earlier than last year).

UPDATE (9/12):

This year, SASEhack will be based on problems to be solved individually (not teams) for points, and judging will be based on the number of points earned throughout the competition. The information below has been changed to reflect this.

Interested in cybersecurity and problem-solving? Join us at SASEhack 2018, SASE's fourth annual hackathon!



  • Friday, Oct. 5 at 9PM to Saturday, Oct. 6 at 7AM (~10 hrs)



  • Learn to use real-world hacking tools to solve challenges
  • Interact with Booz Allen Hamilton representatives throughout the competition
  • Attend a free STEM career fair with 70+ top tech companies


This year, SASEhack will break from the group-based format of previous years to dive deeper into the hacker’s mindset with a jeopardy-style Capture-the-Flag (CTF) style event. The challenges are designed to build the skills of information security enthusiasts through hands-on challenges in areas such as forensics, web exploitation, scripting, and binary reverse engineering. Individual problems are solved for points, and participants will compete for the highest number of points throughout the night.


  1. Register on this Devpost like any other hackathon
  2. Register for SASEhack through SASENC18 registration: Choose the "Undergraduate Student" or "Graduate Student" option, then choose the free "SASEhack Only" option on the next page (or any other paid option if you are also interested in attending SASENC18 talks and sessions)


Friday, Oct 5

  • 8pm - 9pm: Registration for SASEhack
  • 9pm - 10pm: Welcome, speakers from Booz Allen Hamilton, and introduction to the topic and hacking platform
  • 10pm: Hacking begins!

Saturday, Oct 6

  • 12am: Midnight snack
  • 6am: Hacking ends!
  • 6:30am - 7am: Winners announced and closing remarks
  • 8am - 9:30am: Breakfast
  • 10am - 4pmSTEM Career Fair -- attend at your leisure!



SASEhack participants are free to attend the STEM Career Fair, which will be in the same building. For those participants who have registered to attend conference sessions as well, the main conference will also take place in the same building. It will be up to you to get to the Renaissance Schaumburg, as the hackathon will be in-person.


SASEhack will be located on the second floor in the Renaissance Schaumburg -- there will be stairs and elevators.


Food and drinks will be provided FREE for the duration of the event. Snacks will be continuously put out throughout the night, and there will be a larger midnight snack. You are welcome to bring in outside food, but please clean up after yourself.


Booz Allen Hamilton (Lead Sponsor)

The U.S. Marine Corps



Mentors who are well-versed in the challenge problems and have experience in cybersecurity will be available to give students advice throughout the competition.

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$1,500 in prizes

1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $400

3rd Place - $300

4th Place - $200

5th Place - $100

Devpost Achievements

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Participants must be college students -- undergraduate or graduate. Note that this will be an individual competition, rather than the team-based competitions we've had in previous years.



Automatic Judging System

Automatic Judging System

Judging Criteria

  • Point-Based Challenges